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  After some thought I think it's about time I had a blog that I update here on my website. I aim to update as often as possible with any outings and ideas or new products to share with you. I am a very new to this whole blogging side of things so it may be a little bit of ramblings at times.

  First up a little more about me. I am a mum to two girls who bring us so much joy and of course also make us need a drink at times! Once my youngest started school last September I decided it was time to get back to what I love and get crafting again!

Also poor health made me realise that going back into the workplace before I have a diagnoisis and could manage my pain levels would not be wise. I am still struggling to get a diagnosis and get fustrated by the pain, the days I can barely function but I find crafting when I am well really helps lift my mood and give me a purpose aside from being a mummy (which is amazing by the way but when they are at school you can only clean up so much).

Anyway it gave me a whole new level of perspective too, of how many of us are getting by with an invisable illness and I have so much respect for all who are struggling with visable or invisable illnesses. Gentle hugs to you all! 

  So I decided to set up my little Facebook page and website and began to share what I had made, I recall the first frame I made was a mum scrabble frame. Anyway it has grown and I have added many items now to my Facebook page and website. I am so thankful for each and every order as it really means a lot. 

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  Many Thanks Emma


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